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Vision of Mexico

Vision Mexico DBA Centro Fox is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization, under section 501(c) (3). Our main purpose is to help Mexicans improve their lives and their opportunities at home, through education, job training and improved living conditions by funding social programs that “Fundacion Vamos Mexico AC”, “Centro de Estudios, Biblioteca y Museo Vicente Fox Quesada, AC”, manage.

Our programs



We help this mission with our programs MANOS (delivering nutritional products for free) and CRISMA (the rehabilitation center at San Miguel de Allende).



By knowing the stories of the people who come to us, we offer guidance, channeling, access to medication, wheelchair aid, linking with other institutions, and more for their most comprehensive care. With both ALAS (young leaders offering aid) and ARCA (exploring our surrounding communities), this mission gets accomplished.



Training leaders is one of our most ambitious goals. We contact young volunteers from rural communities with growing civil society organizations. Our programs President For A Day and Music School support them so that they positively impact their communities, helping with the professional growth of human capital and human spirit.

Our inspiration

Our team

Vicente Fox

Former President of México 2000-2006 and President of Centro Fox

Martha Sahagún

Former First Lady of México and President of Vamos México

Sergio Legorreta

Executive Director of Centro Fox and Vamos México

Teresita Robledo

Operational Director of Centro Fox and Vamos México

Friends of Vision Mexico

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